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Our truth has the most power. There is no one else with your unique view of the world or experience. Understanding that you, your voice, and your vision are your most valuable assets is the first step we’ll take together to unlock your fullest potential. When you understand the value of your own truth, it unlocks a path that was always meant for you.


When we lead from the edge of our transformation, we get to inspire, embody, and accompany others in a way that expands our own self concept and creates more abundance.


Building a trust-based relationship with yourself creates a safe foundation for you, as well as safety for those who let you guide them along your path. Cultivating trust builds your own self-concept and transforms self-doubt that may be keeping you stuck. The same applies for our clients. When we build trust, we can build anything.  In this work, making trust your trademark sets you apart from other coaches, and will help you expand your horizons and feel powerful in your offering.


When you feel confident in yourself and your ability to lead others, your purest and most authentic self shines through. You can show up with transparency. You don’t need to hide or dim your light. There’s no more posturing or pretending—you will have reached the peak of your power.

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A headshot of David Vox
I've Been there

Hi, my name is David.

Like me, you’ve probably had the experience of getting in your own way when it comes to expressing your voice and your value.

Five years ago, my business had created many success stories, and I appeared on Amy Porterfield’s podcast, with a client about taking her business from 25K - 740K in one year. I was even featured in Forbes, yet my heart wasn't happy.

That’s when I decided to “let go of everything” and find out who and what I was without my fancy things, titles, and six-figure retainer clients. You can learn more about my journey of letting go here.

My path sent me into the garden house of a healer in Bali. The older woman, whose face was covered in green leaves, told me that, in a previous lifetime, I had been a healer—a long way from the marketer I was in this lifetime.

“If you want to be poor, but happy,” she said, “be a healer. If you want to be rich, but unhappy, be a marketer.” She smiled at me and said, “I suggest you be both.”

Like the different facets of a diamond, we all struggle to unite all aspects of ourselves in order to shine brighter.

What we hide or diminish significantly impacts how we serve others.

Through combining my experience in transformative inner work with outer marketing and branding efforts, my life and business flourished. Initially, these seemed to be two disparate worlds that couldn't coexist, but they have now become my unique selling proposition.

My personal training in the depths of healing work and shamanism, as well as my professional experience as a global marketer and business coach, have proved to be a golden combination for myself and my clients.

Achieving both personal growth and financial prosperity requires expertise and experience. I have helped my clients transform their missions into global platforms and their businesses into scalable empires.

Together, we have cultivated a loving community of exceptional coaches.

Are you ready to join us?

the david vox integrated approach:

It’s time to remember what called you to coaching. A coaching business is just that, a business. When you’re stuck in the weeds of marketing and admin, it’s easy to lose track of what can be easy to lose track of the passion behind how you help people.


There is no one out there with the same perspective as you! That’s why your coaching deserves to be shared with the world. We work together to refine your offering so you can show up equally to every client with rejuvenated passion. When you can stand confidently in how your uniquely positioned to help your clients, they’ll have no doubt that you’re the coach to help them take their next step.


Learn to step into your confidence, destroy self-doubt, and allow yourself to stand in your voice without shame. Your unique experience is one that deserves to be shared with the world. Together we help get to the core of what is causing your self-doubts, then through an integrated approach we tackle them one by one. At the end of this deep self work, you’ll feel powerful sharing your message with the masses.

You've come to the Right place, because all Self Doubt you carry around your offer and how you show up in this world, is soon transformed into one embodied experience.









It’s time to unlock your highest potential and your most in-tuned self. When you can confidently articulate your offer in a way that is filled with love and excitement—and market that in a way that aligns with your authenticity—your dream clients will not only be drawn to you, they will be the ones asking how they can work with you.


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GOAT Mastermind

The ultimate support system is our Goat Mastermind, which is 6 months with weekly meetings. This group Mastermind will not only allow you to unearth your unique offers and dispel your self-doubt, it will also be an opportunity to build your coaching community. Together, we work to understand how we stand out in the coaching landscape and get real time feedback, support, and advice from other coaches.

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Out Shine Free Masterclass

OUTShine is a FREE Masterclass that helps youy build a coaching brand around one signature offer—an offer so beautifully curated it becomes impossible for you not to share it with the world. In this program, we develop a unique and tailored marketing strategy around your offer to help you maximize your value and liberate your voice to express it to the world. If you get easily stuck in marketing and want to befriend it as your most prosperous teacher, then OUTShine is for you. Get ready to liberate your voice, vision, and value!

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1:1 Coaching

The combination of deep inner work, branding, and marketing creates a powerful combination that transforms inner and outer barriers and resistance towards your highest and most valuable service. The results of David’s 1-1work has resulted in multiple global coaching platforms and dozens of six-figure launches. With the unique expertise of branding, production, art direction, shamanism, and design, David guides clients throughout the full journey of their fullest expression and most valuable brand.

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