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Want to make marketing a medicine serving your most powerful voice, vision and value?

Master Coach!

are you hiding or dimming down your light and...

....Your extraordinary story?
....Your unique gifts, skills and talents?
....Your service?

here's the thing:

Design, copy, and marketing gimmicks are not what works. These are cosmetic and made to support the foundation.It’s the inside of your brand that we need to heal and support—your voice, your value, your vision.

Once you’ve got this, everything falls into place.

Every. Single. Time.

It’s time to stop chasing the gold and strategies on the outside, and to find your true wealth on the inside. It’s there. And once you embody and expand the experience of doing this in a way that feels “good” to you, your old beliefs and self-doubt will slowly disappear and be replaced by more success.


Is this currently Dimming your Light?

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You CONSTANTLY Change And Reinvent Yourself..

You constantly tweak your strategy, offer, marketing, or branding, hoping the next adjustment will finally bridge the gaplief that if you get something that sounds or looks the same, you, too, will make money

You Are In Chase or Catch (Draining) Energy:

When you distrust you magnetic true self, you end up trying to catch or chase clients and opportunities, feeling like your business is always outrunning you.

You Are Hermitting & Ghosting Your Business

Facing uncertainty or feeling overwhelmed leads you to dim your light and retreat into the shadows, effectively ghosting your own business. This hermit-like withdrawal reduces your visibility and impact.Impact: Less value for you, your clients, and your business.

You Are Stuck In Constant Overwhelm

In an effort to shine brighter, you may keep adding layers—more offers, more tools, more platforms, more social media, more tactics—thinking more will fix it.. Yet, this just scatters your light, leading to an overwhelming glow that fails to guide anyone clearly.Impact: Less value for you, your clients, and your business.

You Get Stuck In Low-Value Belief Cycles

Negative self-talk and activated negative beliefs turn into a low-value belief cycle where your value creation is low, but your mind-drama is high. This activates the negative beliefs reinforcing them, and not your revenue or results.Impact: Less value for you, your clients, and your business

You feel deep suffering from being unaligned

You have done deep inner work, and anything that feels out of alignment becomes a painfulk process. Sales and marketing that feel like a “no” become a trip to a personal and professional hell - you want to serve from alignment.

Ready to Shine,
Serve and sell?


turn up the light of your highest







welcome to our free masterclass

OUT Shine

Where the inner work meets the outer work.

Outshine is a FREE Mastercl;ass that is uniquely focused on results. The one-of-a-kind combo of branding, sales, and marketing meets the deepest form of inner work and healing.

Go from “I can coach everyone with everything” (AKA no-one gets what you do or your value) to “I am an expert with a proven process ”in only seven weeks.

We start the program by gaining crystal clarity on your unique offer, brand journey, and marketing magic. Then, we go through seven valuable teaching modules that have the power to serve you—and your brand—for life.


the outshine approach has 3 principles:


You can’t outsource your voice or your value. We work on the beliefs that are critical for you to learn to trust and honor your voice, and train on expanding your expression so that all parts of you feel comfortable to share. No more resistant sales or marketing calls. No more wondering what to say or write.


As thought leaders we provide value: from micro transformative nuggets in social media to macro transformations in our paid work. We help you shine the light on your true value so you no longer need validation or to let circumstance decide the day’s value. (Your value is NOT milk—it doesn't expire after three days!) Your value bank is already loaded with precious wealth, but like a diamond, most people can only see through one side of it. We help you see all your fragmented sides, all your uniqueness, so that you can shine through and embody every single one of your carats.


We create a long-term vision that is fueled by purpose, passion, and goat-like playfulness. Natural inner motivation fueled by flow, not force. With a vision that is super clear and easy for you to understand and FEEL every day, you will jump out of bed to follow your vision—that star guiding you to become not only your brand and business, but also the most beautiful iteration of yourself.

When you have these 3 embodied, you will feel like a race horse ready to share your story and amazingness with the world. It might now feel so unbelievable, that you can’t even comprehend it. In our program, you have simple and easy journeys to experience these results - from day one you will BE THE BRAND and BECOME the BRAND you always wanted and dreamed of.

in out Shine, we work to get Results from the first week we come together as a group
After this 1 hour, you will have:
YOU will have ONE offer based on the Proven Outcome Process (POP), so it’s easy to express the results and outcomes your offer creates.
YOU will become excited, loyal, and committed to your brand because it is clear, unique, and has the best positioning for profit. You will love your brand so much that you’ll want to show up for it unconditionally. No need to compete when you are clear on your offer.
YOU will know how to make marketing work YOU will know how to make marketing work for you—and you’ll even enjoy the process! you and enjoy the process.
Then, OUTShine coaching starts guiding and supporting you for three months asyou amplify, embody, and expand your brand.



Join this masterclass and ge instant access to our Meet Your Soul Tribe Meditation!

"Best masterclass ever!
this class gave me all i needed to understand what the real issue really was"

Anca S.

your method

We will cultivate using the Proven Outcome Process, a methodology that becomes your proven process in the transformative field. No more generic life coaching—now you are an expert with your own unique intellectual property.

your mission

Cultivate the power of a mission and declare it to the world. Own the power of your mission as a mentor.

this simpleMasterclass Can help you get  Lifetime Roi by...

Not playing small anymore
Showing up everyday
Having a rock solid commitment that feels good
Having a clear offer you love
Knowing who your ideal clients are and how to sell to them

The price of not having a clear, concise commitment to your business, which may be tapered by confusion and worry, is the loss of freedom. We get chained to circumstances and that hustling energy, and that can put our entire nervous system in survival mode.

Investing in a program where you can model a healthier, happier, more fulfilling business means truly healing your lineage, your money issues, and your belief blockages that have been dimming your light since childhood.

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Hi, I’m David. I help coaches turn their marketing into their medicine and guide the coaching stars of tomorrow to unhide their power and outshine their competition.

I specialize in creating exclusive coaching brands that offer real, proven transformation. I’m here to help coaches unable to translate their powerful transformational results into more money and momentum. I’ve coached psychiatrists, doctors, and famous coaches into creating coaching empires.

I'll lovingly show you how:
embody your value

Embody deeper worthiness and gain clarity on the unique value you have to offer, and what makes your brand stand out.

express your voice

Share your heart with authentic vulnerable truth. We’re done playing small here. Marketing and sales become easy if it doesn't feel like you're suffocating in outdated strategies and old shame.

expand your vision

Your vision is the star of who you are becoming. Get clear on the path and beliefs you need to embody to become the star we see on the horizon—and in our dreams

if you have chronically hired experts to help you, it's time to try the OUTshine approach.