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Master Coach!

are you hiding or dimming down your light and...

Your extraordinary story?
Your unique gifts, skills and talents?
The amazing results you had with clients last month?

here's the thing:

Design, copy, and marketing gimmicks are not what works. These are cosmetic and made to support the foundation.
It’s the inside of your brand that we need to heal and support—your voice, your value, your vision.

Once you’ve got this, everything falls into place.

Every. Single. Time.

It’s time to stop chasing the gold and strategies on the outside, and to find your true wealth on the inside. It’s there. And once you embody and expand the experience of doing this in a way that feels “good” to you, your old beliefs and self-doubt will slowly disappear and be replaced by more success.

Are you currently telling yourself that this is Dimming your Light?

(Click on the problem to see the real issue, and how I can help.)
You believe you don't have the right marketing strategy

The real issues are:

1) You might have been led to believe that your business must fit into the container of capitalistic unalignment and poisonous patriarchy. Many have told you what you should do to sell and market yourself—yet you’ve neglected to include what feels good to you on your to-do list.

2) You are stuck in a hamster wheel of confusion, self-doubt, and procrastination—and that shows up in how often you market and offer your service. That feeling of being stuck is taking up valuable space that could be used to grow your company, and amplifies the frustration that continues to numb and scare you.

3) You’ve tried so many “things” and “ideas'' that your brain is drowning in strategies and to-do lists.There is no space for growing your company. True medicine means going deeper and devoting yourself to building a foundation that can create stability and growth. You might be called to go deeper into one aspect of marketing and master it, rather than many different activities, platforms, and ideas all atonce.

4) Marketing is about building relationships, and many misunderstand that. We hear so much about CEO, PPC, Tiktok, Ads, SEO, that we forget the most important marketing foundation there is: relationship marketing. This is how you build a multiple six-figure business that builds value and experience to take your service to the next level. Relationship marketing doesn't even require social media. Putting your energy here will give you 100x more money for your time—and it doesn’t cost anything upfront.

5) You’ve tried to outsource your voice or value. You don’t believe your voice is good enough, and think if you hire someone to “be your voice” or “tell others what value you have” then your business will be all sorted. Other coaches have fancy offers and websites, and you have bought into the belief that if you get something that sounds or looks the same, you, too, will make money

You say you don’t like sales (and think you never will)

1. Maybe your offer doesn't taste like your favorite cake.

Imagine for a minute that you’re not a coach, but a baker. Now, as a baker you wouldn’t serve someone a stale piece of loaf you found while surfing the internet. You would bake fresh, yummy cakes that would fill up the entire bakery with the succulent smell of chocolate or apple and pumpkin spices. You would adjust the lighting and might place books or flowers in the window to create a cozy ambiance for your clients. When a client came by, you would give them a taste of your wonderful creation so they could experience your offering. You would watch them savor your cake and see the grateful shine in their eyes.

That’s what your coaching business should be like, too, and that’s the first thing we do inOUTShine—we bake your favorite cake and your most delightful offer. In OUTShine, we call it our abundance cake, because when it’s aligned with your natural abilities, flow, and fulfillment, the more you keep serving, the more you keep receiving. It naturally grows and expands, just like your favorite cookie dough.

If you currently feel that it’s hard to explain your offer and that you have many unique talents to bring to the table, it can be a confusing process. Trying to offer everyone’s favorite cake may bring some demand, but serving your favorite cake can bring you dream clients for life.

2: Asking for money triggers you, on multiple levels.

1) It feels "off" because you feel shame around sales. You have beliefs that the sales process is a negative part of the business, and have not entertained the belief that it could be a fun, beautiful, and caring process your clients will love and respect.

2) Your inner level of worthiness has not caught up with your value. You haven't experienced and embodied—or even seen!—your real value, and although you’ve experienced lots of results, it’s hard for you to accept how valuable you are.

3) What you are selling is not something you would buy, and this equals your resistance. You may believe that your offer is something “bad” you’d rather not talk about. Once you become a raving, loving fan of your offer, however, you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing and selling it. You will see it as your sacred service to those who need you. Think of your offer as a birthday invitation to YOUR party. If you wouldn't say yes, why would anyone else? If you send out your invitation in a shaky, uncertain manner, it will be hard for others to accept or trust that it will happen. Your abundance cake needs to be yummy and have all the flavors and layers that reflect your offer and who you truly are. I’ll teach you the recipe for baking that cake.

You can’t figure out + don’t like Social Media

1) You’ve never learned to express yourself honestly or valued your true voice, and therefore marketing and sales feel uncommon, strange, and dangerous—much like trying to speak in a language you don't understand. Navigating those “best practices” in social media feels like a missed attempt to retrieve the dictionary to a language that doesn’t feel natural to you.

2) You don't fully trust your own voice, so social media and marketing feel like a battle ground of hustle and horror. You have tried to model other experts and gotten lost in the social media sea of suffering. Instead, try to look at social media as a relationship that you get to cultivate. To be able to enjoy social media, you need to enjoy your own voice and believe in the value of your human experience. When you enter social media from a transformative perspective, with truth, trust, and transparency, your inner light begins to awaken—and this light sparks the campfire for your future community. How can you, with even five people, create a loving tribe that feels connected and full of belonging? When your community is rooted in purpose and your passion is safeguarded by your commitment, the campfire grows as you grow.

Finding your true voice and learning to trust and value it will make sales and marketing so much easier, and as everything else falls into place, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start there first. Trusting your true voice is THE foundation for any entrepreneur.

Your unique approach to expressing yourself can be 100% custom-aligned to you so it FEELS GOOD and makes you want to take action. There’s no push, punishment, or performance towards perfection.Passion over perfection, always!

You need the perfect copy + website

1) Many of us get lost when seeing others ahead of us having perfect websites and videos. We think we need THAT to succeed, and we forget that it’s the embodied experience of coaching and transformation that made THAT possible. Getting THAT logo, website, or program won’t MAKE you a successful coach—coaching your clients to success will. You do not NEED anything else but your willingness to go out and tell people what you do, and offer them help.

2) In the coaching world, we support others in a process. Our websites and social media are simply a mirror of our process as entrepreneurs. This is not a static thing—it’s a living, loving, breathing thing.It can’t be perfect, and if it is, then it’s not human. And we are human beings operating businesses.

3) Your website is a virtual home to your current level of worthiness. If you pretend it doesn't exist, and you don't want it to look and feel good, then that reflects the container that is here to hold space for your value in this world. It’s like hairdressers never cutting their own hair, and designers who have a website “coming soon”... This is how we self-sabotage our value. Your website has only one client—you. If you take the time to meet your own expectations, share who you are and what you offer, and make it easy for clients to enter into a conversation with you, you are already miles ahead of your competition. Remember: The hardest client you will ever need to convince is yourself.

Most of us try to avoid meeting our inner critic, and simply avoid fixing or updating our website in theprocess. Yet no cosmetic design or copy will ever iron out our inner self-doubt. Meet this, head on, andturn your website into a value vault of ever-expanding worthiness. Share value. Be of service. Surprisevisitors with incredible experiences or gifts. Make it YOU! Trademark it with your heart, and servefrom self-honor.

You haven't found your ideal client

You might be:

1. Getting clear on the Persona Path (taught in OUTShine under Brand Bridge)

Each client is on a path of transition and transformation, and this, on every level of their life. Work, marriage, money, health… Whatever it may be, our ideal client is on a path of transition from A to B, and their path is defined by their experience. Before we look at their challenge, we need to get clear on what path or journey they are on.

We need to know their experience, and their failures, so we can make sure they feel safe and understand that our offer will give them a positive outcome.

When we choose the level of experience our ideal clients already have, we are also reflecting our depth of understanding and experience. Each level has seven-figure coaches, yet the business models change for each segment. Someone curious might only want to invest time onYouTube, blogs or podcasts, along with a maximum of 19-97 USD for a product. This means that making money in this segment will be focused on volumes. (Large platform, effective marketing, low offers.)

You might want to add more details to your ideal client’s persona. Think of it as a pre-qualifier towards who you want to invite to your birthday party. Who do you feel energized and excited to work with? If you let just anyone come, then they might not see the entrance to your bridge. The more specific you are on who your offer is for, the easier it is to invite the right people. Don’t make this complicated.

The path your ideal clients are on:

1. Curiosity Path — They haven’t started yet and are just curious. (Often a low investment path.)
2. Beginner Path — They’re just getting started. They don’t know much, and also don’t realize the value of professional coaching.
3. Intermediate Path — They’re ready for the next challenge.
4. Advanced Path — They’re just around the corner from mastery.
5. Elder Path — They’re ready to give back and build a legacy.

Now that you have established the different paths, choose one, and only one path. My clients (if that’s you) are on the advanced path in coaching—with some even embarking on the elder path.If you are curious or a beginner, then my work is not for you. By being clear on my path, I serve in self-honor to you, and to me.

PS. If you’re struggling to build a community, it’s usually because clients are not on the same path and on different levels of their journey. They might not be interested in what you do at all, so it’s time to say goodbye to them.

2. Would you be an ideal client to your business at this very moment? Are you coachable, able to and willing to invest, grounded, connected, and open to growth? Make yourself coachable, and make sure you have a coach in what you say your biggest challenge is now.

You can’t express your value and how “good it is”

Your process, promise, and proof are unclear.

As coaches, we offer life-changing transformations. Without the Proven Outcome Process, we tend to sell an unclear journey. Imagine you want to climb a mountain and see the summit on the horizon, then come across a sign stating 10 different destinations—none of which take you to the top. That’s how most coaches operate. They offer “happiness” or “more peace” without any specifics.When you focus on one clear, proven process that promises results, it becomes easy to explain the risk as well as the reward. When you get to present an offer that transforms lives—guaranteed!—and you know what results to look for and share, you can explain these clearly.

You’re missing your (Brand) Bridge.

Back to the bakery! If a client comes by and wants a croissant, do you try to sell them a loaf of bread?We want to ensure that clients get the results they’ve been promised, otherwise our integrity goes out the window. When you focus on one clear promise, your process gets easier.

This program guarantees ONE offer that YOU LOVE, and that’s our focus: how to make ONE high ticket offer that is so juicy and delicious, you can’t stop inviting others to join you. Our brands are abridge towards the transition our clients are going through. If you don’t have a bridge, your direction becomes unclear.

Do you struggle to believe in your own value and try to validate it from the outside? You may need a testimonial but are afraid of asking for it. On a good day, you see and believe that you and your offer have value, but on a bad day, you don’t. The light of your business goes on and off based on your circumstances, not your commitment.

When you are reactive and let circumstances run your business, you are no longer the CEO in charge.It’s vital that THE TRUE YOU always be in charge. Get clear on any objections you have told yourself (Is my service really valuable to others? I don’t know if I will be able to deliver this…) then dispel these notions that only serve to block your greatness. Only then will you be able to confidently market and sell the value you have to offer.

You’ve got belief blockers.

The biggest dimmers of your light are what you believe about yourself and your value.

Imagine what you had to believe about yourself when signing your first client, and what you needed to believe about yourself to sign a 30K-retainer client. We need to know what beliefs we must embody to be successful, and be fully aware of the beliefs that are blocking our light.

What beliefs do you need to embody to be the coach that effortlessly creates 100K on demand? With clarity on the beliefs that don't serve us—and a clear focus on growing those that do—we turn our business plan into a belief plan. We can then focus on embodying the experience of these beliefs on a daily basis through micro and macro transformations.

You can’t seem to find the right business strategy (or business coach)

1) Your success strategies might be outdated. What worked to get you to where you are now may not be the winning formula going forward. Adapting new strategies and letting go of your past hustle or approach can be tough, yet necessary.

2) You have a “When I do this, then I will do that'' mindset. Once I have the new website, then I’ll talk to clients. Once I write my book, then I will make a podcast. You need a vision that you know you can trust and create, along with an easy way to get there. This mindset can change appearances even in seven-figure businesses—still it’s the same behavior or cycle, only dressed differently! We can transform our old mindsets by clarifying what we truly need now.

3) Is everything just too complex? Business and marketing needs to be simplified to only produce results and grow your self-worth and self-confidence. You need to let go of everything else

You feel deep suffering from being unaligned

Potential polarity

As we expand our awareness in this work, it becomes even more challenging to do something that feels out of alignment. This puts many of us in spiritual survival mode, frozen and unable to move. We have these big visions connected to our divine self, yet our human feet are paralyzed and stuck to the ground.

Spiritual mis-alignment

You have done deep inner work, and anything that feels out of alignment becomes torture. Sales and marketing that feel like a “no” become a trip to a personal and professional hell, because we are one person, one brand.

On the other hand, 100% alignment becomes a fine-tuned signal that attracts your unlimited abundance. We have been made to believe our business must follow the container of pure capitalistic unalignment. So many tell you what to do, yet you haven’t even included what feels good to you on your to-do list. What’s on your feel-good list? We are here to model a new way of leadership, and we get to create our entire business process in a way that honors and serves us—and our clients.

You struggle with commitment and consistency

Maybe you find it hard to stay committed to sharing your voice and showing up daily because it seems nobody cares or wants what you’re serving. (And secretly, you feel there is something wrong with you, and that makes you want to quit social media, marketing, and sales.)

You still have inner work to do to release your self-doubt and inner critic along with your feelings of not-enoughness and shame. Did you think these would go away after your first 50K or 100K of income? They won’t. You need to build your inner self-worth and self-concept that resonates with the results you want to create. If your outer world feels like it's 500 meters under water, the pressure won't align with what’s on the surface.

Detouring self-doubt

Forget social media and all the things you “should do”. The most important foundational marketing we all need to learn and embody is relationship marketing. Learn how to utilize and create money on demand before even thinking about fancy websites, social media managers, and strategies. If you can’t connect in person, you can’t connect as a platform—it’s that simple.

We are scared of rejection, so as we expand we may think, “Now I can hire someone to deal with that uncomfortable talking and marketing aspect of my business.” DON'T OUTSOURCE YOUR VOICE OR VALUE! Now is the time to build a rock-solid foundation that represents you, your value, and your voice.

Finding your role

You love the job, but don't like being a business owner. Your vision for yourself doesn't really make you excited because you are focused on all the things that are not working. Find a vision for you that is so exciting that you can’t wait to get up in the morning, then believe that it’s possible. Focus on growing into this vision instead of wondering how to get there. One simple journey at a time.

Lack of consistency due to self-doubt and self-sabotage = survival mode.

This is the number one challenge in our field. The bigger the gift you have, the more self-doubt you can cultivate. The bigger your potential, the greater the polarities.

You don’t like your boss.

The person you work for (that’s you!) is not nice to you. They don't give you bonuses, motivational talks, celebrate your achievements, or tell you that you are doing amazing. You don't feel appreciated, and always believe there is more to do before you can relax.

Tip: Fire that boss. Write down the requirements on what kind of boss you would dream of working for. Make a job description with a clear vision and clear values—specify what YOU need as a boss and as support. Then apply for that job with a proper application letter. Pour your heart and soul into why you want to work for you, and why you see this brand as the best place to work in 2023.

Once you are hired, you now know exactly what to do and what the job requirements are. Well done! You fired a toxic boss and hired the one you wanted.

Ready to Shine,
Serve and sell?

turn up the light of your highest







welcome to


Where the inner work meets the outer work.

Outshine is a 10-week digital group coaching experience that is uniquely focused on results. The one-of-a-kind combo of branding, sales, and marketing meets the deepest form of inner work and healing.

Go from “I can coach everyone with everything” (AKA no-one gets what you do or your value) to “I am an expert with a proven process ”in only ten weeks.

We start the program by gaining crystal clarity on your unique offer, brand journey, and marketing magic. Then, we go through seven valuable teaching modules that have the power to serve you—and your brand—for life.

the outshine approach has 3 principles:


You can’t outsource your voice or your value. We work on the beliefs that are critical for you to learn to trust and honor your voice, and train on expanding your expression so that all parts of you feel comfortable to share. No more resistant sales or marketing calls. No more wondering what to say or write.


As thought leaders we provide value: from micro transformative nuggets in social media to macro transformations in our paid work. We help you shine the light on your true value so you no longer need validation or to let circumstance decide the day’s value. (Your value is NOT milk—it doesn't expire after three days!) Your value bank is already loaded with precious wealth, but like a diamond, most people can only see through one side of it. We help you see all your fragmented sides, all your uniqueness, so that you can shine through and embody every single one of your carats.


We create a long-term vision that is fueled by purpose, passion, and goat-like playfulness. Natural inner motivation fueled by flow, not force. With a vision that is super clear and easy for you to understand and FEEL every day, you will jump out of bed to follow your vision—that star guiding you to become not only your brand and business, but also the most beautiful iteration of yourself.

When you have these 3 embodied, you will feel like a race horse ready to share your story and amazingness with the world. It might now feel so unbelievable, that you can’t even comprehend it. In our program, you have simple and easy journeys to experience these results - from day one you will BE THE BRAND and BECOME the BRAND you always wanted and dreamed of.

in out Shine, we work to get Results from the first week we come together as a group
After 10 WEEKS, you will have crystal clarity on the following elements:
YOU will have ONE offer based on the Proven Outcome Process (POP), so it’s easy to express the results and outcomes your offer creates.
YOU will become excited, loyal, and committed to your brand because it is clear, unique, and has the best positioning for profit. You will love your brand so much that you’ll want to show up for it unconditionally. No need to compete when you are clear on your offer.
YOU will know how to make marketing work YOU will know how to make marketing work for you—and you’ll even enjoy the process! you and enjoy the process.
Then, OUTShine coaching starts guiding and supporting you for three months asyou amplify, embody, and expand your brand.

how we do it

WEEK 1: The Bakery (Make Marketing Magical and tasty)

In OUTShine we make marketing fun, just like baking. We begin by throwing all the things you thought you’d need out the window and emptying all the jars of spices you never used anyway. We focus only on what’s fun and of service to your fulfillment.

In the bakery, we focus on creating one appetizer that looks and feels amazing, one that we are happy to share and serve to others.Once we’re done with the bakery, you get a fresh recipe for success that you KNOW your clients will love to taste and experience.

This might sound impossible now: You LOVING marketing and sales, really?! Yet it’s fully possible, and everyone who experiences our techniques and approach falls in love with them. We customize it to fit you so that you can fit the right client into your world—not the other way around.

There’s no more separation between serving and selling. We bake one cake we know has the secret ingredient. We also learn how to share our recipe with the world using the Proven Outcome Process (POP).

Create one OFFER that you will LOVE TO SHARE and that clients see as a no-brainer and happy investment.In this module, we start baking your signature offer: your abundance cake!It’s an offering you can serve without feeling empty afterwards. You never run out of cake because it’s baked with your natural energy—your being energy. Being in a character of confusion takes energy—and a character can’t receive love or abundance, but you can.

We also create cupcake appetizers, small transformative testimonials your ideal clients can’t stop drooling at…

WEEK 2: The lighthouse (turn your vision into a mission)

In the lighthouse, we create a brand star—and the more unique sides you have, the better! Tap into your vision and mission to develop a clear brand journey. It’s also where you meet a newborn thought leader (you!), one that needs support, space, and simplicity. Create one marketing strategy that is simple, fun, and exciting to you and your clients. It will transform your life, and your clients’ lives, too.

WEEK 3: the brand bridge

When we get to the bridge, we do an official ritual for what your brand is serving as abridge towards. Create ONE BRAND BRIDGE where you are able to express and understand the steps needed to obtain big results for your client.

WEEK 4: The treasure map

This week, we will define and develop a unique methodology that makes you a proven expert towards a specific need. Transformative businesses need to become masters ina process since our products are a result of this process. This is how we can promise results.

WEEK 5: The campfire

A community is not just for when we want to sell—it’s the beating heart of our business.

To take better care of your community, you first need to create a small, safe campfire that keeps you warm. Then you can add logs to keep others warm, too.

Your community and its engagement are what create a transformative business, and having them makes work easier and more fun. And remember: It's your community that gives you the badge of being a big, bold brand.

WEEK 6: The invite-only exclusive launch

We define ideal clients in a new way, and most of our clients do six-figure launches without actually launching anything. We focus on creating a custom-made, bespoke invitation that is sent directly to those we want to work with.

WEEK 7: The celebration Circle

Your life and business are going to become the party of your lifetime, also known as the effortless referral party! During this last week, we will focus on preparing your birthday party. You will also be guided to create a ritual that is the most transformative process you have ever designed for your clients. This ritual in itself will make you a one-of-a-kind coach that taps into 10-20 new referrals each time you work with a client. This tiny module alone will be worth multiple six-figures in revenue for all of our clients.

The mission:

your marketing

Marketing shows us exactly where we don’t want to look. It amplifies energy as it brings a witness into our orbit. Working together with our heart, nervous system, and mind we create a marketing plan designed to help us expand and embody the success we want. We turn marketing into a medicine that will transform self-doubt, confusion, and stress into a larger, fun, and fulfilling playground for our service.

your method

We will cultivate using the Proven Outcome Process, a methodology that becomes your proven process in the transformative field. No more generic life coaching—now you are an expert with your own unique intellectual property.

your mission

Cultivate the power of a mission and declare it to the world. Own the power of your mission as a mentor.

your movement

Creating your campfire and the movement it warms also reveals how you want to disrupt the industry and make your business and movement unique to you.

your masterclass

At the end of this journey, you will invite us all to a masterclass and get feedback and support while presenting your medicine, mission, and method. You can now present your full brand journey within a few minutes, and shine easily in the world as you serve and sell.

what's the commitment and requirement to join?

you need to be an experience coach with results
you need to Have a powerful story of self-transformation
You need to have an income of at least 3x the investment
(Minimum income from coaching in 2022 is $25,000.)

the investment

10/10 Method in
magical marketing

● Ten-week digital program
● Ten week of group coaching with weekly meetings
● Membership site and community access for one year
● Modules and workbooks

$3,500usd pay in full
starting Aug 10th, 2023
apply today
1-1 Coaching: The master coaching method

● Live 1-1 workshop
● Personal guidance, support, and coaching
● 3 Months of 1-1 Coaching
● Bespoke six-figure launch plan
● Membership site and community access
● Modules and workbooks

$35,000 pay in full
open space from August 15, 2023
apply today

When thinking of a one-time Investment, always consider the Lifetime Roi of...

Not playing small anymore
Showing up everyday
Having a rock solid commitment that feels good
Having a clear offer you love
Knowing who your ideal clients are and how to sell to them

The price of not having a clear, concise commitment to your business, which may be tapered by confusion and worry, is the loss of freedom. We get chained to circumstances and that hustling energy, and that can put our entire nervous system in survival mode.

Investing in a program where you can model a healthier, happier, more fulfilling business means truly healing your lineage, your money issues, and your belief blockages that have been dimming your light since childhood.

Remember: Healing is the only investment that has a LIFETIME ROI.







Hi, I’m David. I help coaches turn their marketing into their medicine and guide the coaching stars of tomorrow to unhide their power and outshine their competition.

I specialize in creating exclusive coaching brands that offer real, proven transformation. I’m here to help coaches unable to translate their powerful transformational results into more money and momentum. I’ve coached psychiatrists, doctors, and famous coaches into creating coaching empires.

I'll lovingly show you how:
embody your value

Embody deeper worthiness and gain clarity on the unique value you have to offer, and what makes your brand stand out.

express your voice

Share your heart with authentic vulnerable truth. We’re done playing small here. Marketing and sales become easy if it doesn't feel like you're suffocating in outdated strategies and old shame.

expand your vision

Your vision is the star of who you are becoming. Get clear on the path and beliefs you need to embody to become the star we see on the horizon—and in our dreams

if you have chronically hired experts to help you, it's time to try the OUTshine approach.